Organising Memories

We know what it’s like to be busy. Juggling family, work, study – it’s inevitable that parts of our lives slip through the cracks. 

School photos, artworks and awards

were all being

put in a drawer to sort out later.  Of course there was no ‘later’.

Even as organized and busy women, we could not put a system in place to sort out all of the school reports, school photos and other ‘stuff’ that was coming home every day in our kid's school bags.


Before we knew it, we had drawers and folders overflowing with reports and school photos. Like everyone, we didn’t want our kid’s school photos relegated to the clutter pile but wanted a simple and easy way to keep everything in one place.  Too good to throw out, but not enough space to store – so we created School Remembered.

School Remembered is stylish enough to keep out on display and enticing enough that your kids will love looking through it.


This isn't a complicated record book, which will take you hours to fill in, but rather a simple organiser, which tells your child’s story, and captures the moments of childhood that pass all too quickly.


School Remembered will grow with your child and is sophisticated in its simplicity.