Never lose a report, award, swimming carnival ribbon or their first ballet recital program. With a section for each year you will always have a place to keep their school report and all those little mementos, which somehow slip through the cracks when life gets busy. School Remembered encourages collaboration with your child & the exchange of ideas.  Bespoke in design, School Remembered is created to last.


As your child grows so does School Remembered. Tailored to each year of your child’s school life, teenagers will love looking back on and seeing their first school photo but also having a place to keep their graduation school photo. Families will not need to set aside a whole afternoon to use School Remembered. Designed with the realisation that families just get busier as children grow, parents will love that they have an organisational tool which takes only  minutes to complete but the moment is captured.  Just as each family is different, so is the way in which you can use School Remembered. Be it only once a year when your school photo comes home or when it suits you.  School Remembered is not another job to add to your list, but a way to keep clutter in one spot!

School photos, merit awards, drawings, everything that makes your child unique all in one place, no clutter, no mess. Sounds like bliss! School Remembered is truly the busy family’s best friend.

From the first day of school to your teenager's school dance, School Remembered gives you the space to reflect, share and laugh. It’s a timeline with the added details that make your child funny, smart and special.  It brings order and permanence to a busy time. School Remembered is a trigger to slow down, and look and talk amongst the chaos and busyness which is family life. 

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